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HomePlus Complete Filter Systems
Commercial (16 to 24 Inch)

HomePlus' complete water filter systems are designed and configured for optimal performance and an economical price point. All systems come complete with a Pentek Structural Polyglass NSF-validated tank, Fleck 5812 commercial control valve, filter media, gravel underbed, bypass, hub & lateral distributor, and instruction manual. Choose from either the SXT digital or XTR2 Touch Screen controller. Ecomix systems, water softeners and tannin/organics filters are metered for salt efficiency and also come with a 18 x 33 black brine tank with safety float, air check, and brine tubing. Softeners are pre-programmed for high salt efficiency at a salt dose of 6 lbs per CF. Note: actual capacity of softeners will be approx. 67% of the stated capacity when run in high efficiency mode.

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